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Build Your Own Hit and Miss ice cream freezer

Why Build Your Own Hit and Miss Ice Cream Freezer?

Are you building your own ice cream freezer unit. We have the parts to get you going. Great for Hit & Miss or Electric Freezers. Works with Immergood Freezer, Country Freezer, Lifetime Freezer, White Mountain Freezer.

If you are an ice cream lover like me, you know that there is nothing better than homemade ice cream. Not only does it taste better, but you can also customize it to your liking. But, what if you don't have an ice cream maker? Or, what if you want to make a large amount of ice cream for a party or event? That's where a hit and miss ice cream freezer comes in.


A hit and miss ice cream freezer is a type of ice cream maker that uses a gasoline engine to power the churn. It's called 'hit and miss' because the engine will periodically turn off and on to maintain the right speed for the churning process. While this may not be the most efficient way to make ice cream, it's a fun and unique way to make a large quantity of ice cream at once. Plus, it's a great conversation starter for your next summer party.


While you could buy a hit and miss ice cream freezer, building your own is a more satisfying option. Not only do you get to customize it to your liking, but you also get to learn a new skill and save money in the process. With the right materials and a little bit of know-how, you can build a hit and miss ice cream freezer that will last for years.

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Immergood - Replacement for White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer - Insulated, (2022 Update Polly tub) with Hardware
$187.92 - $220.32
  • 4 Quart - WM Adapted
  • 6 Quart White Mountain
  • 8 Quart WM/Immergood
Immergood / White Mountain - Replacement Tub Center/ Base
$4.75 - $19.50
  • White Mountain / Immergood - STANDARD .21"
  • .30"
  • .40"
  • .125" Spacer (only)
  • 4 Qt. White Mountain Adapted
Immergood - Clear Can Lid for Hand Crank Ice Cream Freezer
$25.22 - $42.05
  • 6 Quart
  • 8 Quart
  • Solid 6 Quart
Immergood - Ice Cream Freezer Can, Stainless Steel, Can Only
$82.94 - $188.75
  • 4 quart
  • 6 quart
  • 8 quart
  • 12 quart

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