Summer is here! It is a great time to enjoy ice cream with friends.
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Reviews for Homeplace Market

Reviews for Homeplace Market

Based on 357 reviews

Best spoon in the world for churning ice cream. Can't beat it

Hi Kip, thanks for the review. Keep serving ice cream.

Best ice cream maker ever

Trust me this ice cream freezer will not disappoint. Used to make ice cream for my grandkids. The favorite recipe in the instructions is really good. It is very well built!!!

Hi, I wonder who enjoys the ice cream more, grandpa or the grandchildren :-). I imagine it is a shared joy. Thanks for the review, we enjoy hearing from our customers.


I wish I had this freezer 20 years ago! My 8 quart battery powered ice cream freezer was finished 20 minutes ago and my “other” brand 4 quart is still going. It’s expensive but I expect it to last me the next 20 years.

Hi, We appreciate you taking the time to share a review. I trust that you will be able to use the freezer for years to come. If you have any issues, let us know.

Stainless steel drainboard

Great item! Works great & looks great! I got tired of replacing cheap plastic drainboards every so often & trying to keep them clean. This is simple to keep clean & probably never have to
replace it. Thank you for making this product. Well worth the price!

Hi Susan, we enjoy equipping homes with products that are built for everyday use. Thanks for sharing the review.

Glad I Decided to Purchase

Well made, heavy duty insulated lid. I’ve gone through a few White Mountain freezers and never had the option of this convenient type of lid for the bucket. So handy to keep the ice cream chilling after churning is finished.

Hi JK, Thanks for sharing a review on the Tub Cover. The tub cover does great at keeping the ice cream cold and hard for many more hours.

Sturdy Nesting Box

This seems to be a sturdy nesting box. The moveable roosting bar is a nice touch to close off the boxes when you don’t want the chickens sitting inside. Ours haven’t started laying yet, but it seems like a good system for keeping the eggs clean. The easy access for gathering the eggs outside of the coop is also very convenient.

Hi Joe, Thanks for sharing a review on our USA made nest boxes. I am glad to hear that you liked them. Thanks

Great Chicken Coop

This is 10x12 coop is a great chicken coop! The directions are straightforward making it easy to set up. It allows us to move our chickens around easily and provides them with plenty of space.

Hello Joe, After investing in a coop, I am glad to hear about your experience. Your coop should last for years to come. If you have any further observations or wish for changes in the design, let us know. Thanks for taking a few minutes to share your review.

Amazing Quality!

After we purchased a cheaper ice cream freezer about 2 months ago, I used it so much that the plastic parts failed. I like to make ice cream at least once a week, so I definitely need reliable equipment. I've now had my ice cream freezer for less than a month, and made at least 10 batches of ice cream. This is THE best quality ice cream freezer you could ever ask for. The stainless steel, heavy duty quiet motor, and the superior insulated tub make this not just an ice cream freezer, but an investment of a lifetime of memories. I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a "sweet" investment. We will enjoy it for many years to come.

Hi Kyle, it sound like your folks get to share some good ice cream! Thanks for taking a few minutes to share about your experience.

Finally Found My Forever Ice Cream Freezer

Been making homemade ice cream since a kid. As an adult, I've purchased multiple ice cream freezers that eventually break or have a malfunction then can't get parts because manufacturer is out of business. The Immergood is so well made. If I ever do need parts, seems like I'll be able to find them. I have the 6qt battery operated model with my Milwaukee battery. I love it. Motor isn't irritatingly loud and beautiful ice cream in 20 minutes. An investment with the price but worth it to me.

Hi JK, Great to hear that you are continuing a tasty tradition. Thanks for sharing

Everything we hoped for!

I would not normally spend this much for something like this. I decided to splurge on this because we were hosting a big family party celebrating an 80th birthday. The ice cream maker was so nostalgic and a huge hit. It made our 6 quarts of ice cream in about 20 minutes. We used one of the classics recipes provided. It was simple and everyone loved it. It also firmed up nicely and held up well stored in the freezer. I’d definitely buy this again~

Hi Kim, I am glad to hear we helped you make your birthday party a little more special. We hope the homemade ice cream can become a tradition that everyone gets to enjoy. Thanks for taking a few minutes to share about your experience. The photo is priceless!

Definitely the best

Shipping was fast. The motor is extremely quiet and in 20-25 minutes some of the best ice cream you have ever had. The insulated tub will keep the ice cream hard for hours. You can buy cheaper ones but you will be wasting your money. Spend it once and be done.

Hi Charles, thanks for sharing. Thanks for supporting our USA company who builds long lasting products. We believe good value is a product that will last for years, perform well and not fill our landfills. Have fun making ice cream, and thanks for your time!


So quiet and great ice cream. I love the bigger size!

Thanks for taking the time to share about your experience with the 8 qt. freezer!

Customer service

Very understanding, friendly and helpful Customer services. Good products.

Hi Karen, we enjoy helping you however we can. Thanks for the kind remarks.

Too expensive

Good quality but I’m sure it doesn’t need to cost so much. I sure hope it last longer than the White Mountain, if not, I’ll be very disappointed!!!!

Hi Steve, thanks for sharing your review. I have every reason to believe your new freezer will last for years to come. Here is why.

We have been repairing popular brands of ice cream freezers for years, heard lots of customers comments and frustrations about their new but rusty freezer. Back in the day we had to go to sleep many nights with a let down feeling of selling the best freezer that was currently built, but still disappointing customers with leaking tubs and gears that would not work - even though the freezer was brand new!
From this, the IMMERGOOD freezer was built. All aspects are built with longevity in mind!

Yes, we could build a cheep freezer, but why do what a prior company tried and went out of business because of 'no product demand'. We want to end our day, knowing we gave our customers the best we could!

a good idea well executed

i purchased this recently as an alternative to bath towels folded and draped over the freezer. used it this past Sunday afternoon and had the firmest set home made ice cream i can remember and nothing to put in the laundry when it was done, just a quick wipe down and rinse. I like it alot.

Hi James, thanks for the 5 star review. Our goal is to offer you the best. Thanks for letting us know about your experience!


I was really pleased with how guilt it was,,,,,it works great

Thanks John for your review on the Immergood freezer.

Great spoon

Perfect size to serve ice cream from my 6 qt Immergood Ice Crean Maker. T

Thanks Andree for a nice and simple review!


This was just what we needed, to protect our water hydrant in our shop. Very easy to install, hopefully we will never have a problem with the hydrant but will be easy to remove and replace.

Hi Shelli, a product like this is one you will appreciate more in the middle of winter than when you are installing it! Thanks for sharing your review.

Eight quart freezer works well

used it for the first time today. i bought a six quart white mountain freezer in 1982 and have used it many times a year since then with good results, the wm bucket wood is still good but the bands that surround the staves is very corroded and fragile. i was goint to get replacement parts but found white mountain is longer the company it once was.
i found immergood freezers as a possible replacement and decided to go up a size.
i will say that the mixing action is as good or better than white mountain's and the freezing time is shorter. probably the insulated bucket is the reason. the ice cream ripened quicker (possibly because i also purchased the insulated cover) i had used a couple bath towels over the white mountain freezer.
i am well pleased with the immergood eight quart hand crank ice cream freezer.

Hi James, thanks for your review of your 8 qt. freezer. It sounds like you are an experienced ice cream creator. The Immergood freezer is born out of frustrations with declining quality and lack of continued improvement of available options. Common sense things like using non-rusting parts in salt water seemed to be missing on other models available. Immergood was built with longevity in mind. After all, if you are making homemade ice cream, you would like to continue the tradition into the next generation. We appreciate your in-depth review. Have fun making ice cream.

The quality is worth the money

Hi Altemeier, Thanks for writing a review! We love to sell products that will last for years so that you and others can enjoy.

Perfect Fit

Excellent quality

Hi Pauline, Thanks for taking the time out your day to write a review about how you liked the canner!

Clear can lid

Nice lid with no hole so after you take the dasher out it covers the can.

Hi Kayla, Thanks for taking the time to tell us how you liked the clear can lid. We appreciate it!

High quality ice cream freezer

I had been looking for a white mountain freezer and learned that they were no longer being made and I started searching for a quality ice cream freezer and this freezer does not disappoint it is wonderful and well worth the money. I recommend it to anyone looking for a freezer that will last for years. You can’t put a price on the good memories we are making with family and friends.

Hi Rodney, Thanks for letting us know how your new Immergood Ice Cream Freezer is working. Many of us have enjoyed a White Mountain Freezer in the past. I hope that your new freezer will help you continue to create great moments and tasty memories for generations to come. We appreciate you taking a few moments of your day to share your review!

A little expensive, but worth the money

I have always been a white mountain owner for years but I have been disappointed in the quality of their product on my last purchase. I needed a new maker so after researching and debating spending the money I decided to try out the immergood and I’m glad I did. This machine is a workhorse and it is super quiet compared to the WM. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of this machine.

Hi Wesley, I know what you mean about the quality issues of the old brands that were trusted in the past. That is what inspired the makers of Immergood to build something that aligns with the values of building for long term use rather than short term enjoyment. We trust you should be able to get years of use from this freezer. If you experience is anything less, please let us know.

Immergood is Always good!

Best ice cream freezer on the market by far! Customer service is top notch!

Hello Jason, Thanks for sharing. We are here to serve.

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