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Reviews for Homeplace Market

Reviews for Homeplace Market

Based on 402 reviews
Excellent quality!

I was looking for a Made in the USA clothespin and was very happy to find these. We get gusty winds in our area of Texas and these did not disappoint. My only regret is not purchasing enough on my first go round. Will definitely be buying more and doing away with my old wooden clothespins!

Hi there, thank you for your feedback on our PolyGrip Clothespins! We're so glad to hear that you found our product to be of excellent quality and that it met your needs in windy Texas. Thank you for choosing PolyGrip and have a wonderful day!

I already used the trays to bake cookies. Lightly greased with coconut oil. They baked great and did not stick. Very nice!

Hi there, thank you for sharing your experience with our Hickoryware baking sheet! We're happy to hear that the cookies baked perfectly and didn't stick. Using a light coating of coconut oil is a great idea. Thanks for choosing our USA-made product. Have a sweet day!

Great freezer, great company & great customer service!

I ordered an 8 quart Immergood ice cream freezer for our mission in Ukraine (Master’s International Ministries) from Homeplace Market. The freezer was shipped to someone stateside that was coming to Ukraine. The freezer was taken out of its original cardboard packaging for its long trip to Ukraine and the cardboard was burned. The freezer arrived in Ukraine in good condition minus the crank handle. I contacted Homeplace Market assuming they probably had missed putting the crank in the box originally. I was informed that though it could be a possibility, more than likely the people that had taken it out of the box had missed seeing it. So I advised the folks that had taken it out of the box to do some research where they had burned the cardboard, and sure enough, the crank was found under the rubble all charred and the plastic melted off.🥴To my surprise Wendell Zeiset from Homeplace Market offered to send a new crank free of charge. He certainly went above and beyond the call of duty, praise the Lord!🙏The freezer works great and makes excellent ice-cream, we are very happy with it! So we have a great freezer from a great company with an excellent customer service experience!

Thank you for your kind words! We are so glad to hear that you are enjoying your Immergood ice cream maker - all the way to Europe. We appreciate your support and wish you all the best the Lord has to offer in your mission work in Ukraine. Enjoy your delicious homemade ice cream!
-Blessed to be a blessing...

Works great

Hi there! We're so glad to hear that the Immergood Battery Powered Ice Cream Maker is working great for you. Thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with us. Happy ice cream making!

the quick attach coupler is of excellent quality.Thanks to Homeplacemarket team.
Good packaging and arrived in New Caledonia on time

Thank you for your kind words and for choosing our Homeplace - Quick Attach Coupler. We are delighted to hear that you are satisfied with the quality and packaging of our product. We always strive to provide timely delivery to our customers, even to places like New Caledonia. Thank you for your support and we hope to serve you again in the future. Have a great day!

White Mountain motor replacement

homeplace delivered good product on time. Works well.
I'm well pleased.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are glad to hear that you are satisfied with your Oakware electric motor replacement for your White Mountain ice cream maker. Our goal is to provide quality products and timely delivery to our customers. If you have any further needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for choosing Homeplace.

Great product

This is a great product, exactly as described. Well made, Sturdy, and it looks great. Glad to see a US made product not only available but affordably priced and Aesthetically pleasing as well.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate your support. That is what makes MADE IN USA possible.

It is exactly what I was looking for!

Hi Judy, glad we could meet a basic need for you. Thanks for sharing the review!

It’s an adventure!

We are honing in on our ice cream making skills and it is wonderful. The last batch we made finally scoops like store bought right out of the freezer. The kids love it. Making sugarless ice cream is fun and pretty easy once the steps are down. The quality of the machine makes quality ice cream.

Hi Scotty, thanks for sharing your review. I would love to hear about your sugarless ice cream if you care to share. We are glad to be able to help you create great times with your own ice cream. Thanks again.

Dry Powdered Ice Cream Mix
Todd Studer (Lexington, US)
I’m gonna need more

This mix has been a game changer, everyone that I have made it for absolutely RAVE over how good it is. I’ve made it for the church youth group & received multiple invitations back. Thank you for a high quality mix that is extremely easy to make and is enjoyed by all. I need to order more.

Hi Todd, glad to hear that the mix was enjoyed by the church folks. If you made more flavors other than vanilla, we would to hear about your creations. Thanks for sharing.

Best motor ever!

My husband is known for his homemade ice cream. He has made hundred of freezers of ice cream and no motor has served him better than this one and he’s gone through a lot of motors over the years. It’s definitely worth the money!

Ordering was easy and delivery was prompt and we ordered right at Christmas.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to give us a review. We're glad help keep the tradition going in your family.


Exactly what I needed for an old wore out ice cream maker. Works great!

Hi, thanks for the review. Great to hear from you.


I recently purchased the clear round pie carrier, was so excited to give this as a gift. But when went to use it. A pie tin for a 9" pie will not fit. Now, I'm a little afraid to order the pie safe with adjustable shelves for fear it will not work. They are not cheap.

Hi Kim, Thanks for your review. To determine if the pan will fit, measure the OUTSIDE of the pan. It cannot measure more than 9.0'. This is the size of most commercial pie pans. If your pans do not fit, you are welcome to return it. The PIE SAFE may fit your pans.

Happy with this product

I was looking for two things - American made and without chemical non-stick coatings. As I understand it, this product matches both requirements. I’ve baked bread in them one time so far and all went well. Was delivered very promptly.

Hi AT, thanks for taking a moment to share your review. These bread pans are built in a small shop here in Pennsylvania. Your simple review helps support USA small business. Thanks again.

beautiful polished finish and a nice guage of metal

One rarely gets more than one pays for; I have several aluminum covered cake pans that were a quarter of the price and with some care will last my lifetime. If one of the aluminum ones gets misplaced at a potluck I wont be very upset. After the first couple of uses the aluminum ones have scuffs and tarnish, they will dent if mishandled but they are what they are.
This stainless steel covered cake pan is something I am pleased to look at and the smooth finish really cleans up nicely. The lid seals well and stays on when snapped into place. I wish I had done the engraving because if this one went missing I would be unhappy, not so much about the price, but because it is a really nice quality cake pan.
I feel like it is well worth the asking price and honestly would have paid more had it been made in US. I am sure if Homeplace Market could source a US made one they would offer it.
We need to to bring manufacturing back to the states. That's my soapbox comment for the week. That being said it is a well made product and I am pleased with my purchase from Homeplace Market.

Hi Henry, Thanks for your review. We appreciate the time you invest in supporting USA businesses with first person reviews (many Amazon sellers live out of the country). I like the cake pan as well. We will continue to seek USA manufacturers for these products. We wish you the best on keeping track of your pan at a potluck.

Milking Can

This milking can has been so nice! We get a gallon and half of milk each day and I bought the 2 gallon size. It’s been perfect. I still use a bucket to directly milk into and then I pour it into this milking can with the lid while I finish milking. Great for carrying the milk back up in as well.

Eleanor, we appreciate you taking a few moments to write a first person review. It sounds like you have a neat little home dairy going on. We are looking to build more products to use in this operation.

The dish rack is a Christmas gift no in use yet but it looks like a good product

The dish rack is a Christmas gift not in use yet but it looks like a good product.

Hi James, thanks for your review. It is a small way you can support USA businesses.

High quality

The board was sized properly, built well, and packed securely. The only problem is that some water still pools around the tapered edges at the drain end. However, this is much easier to clean than the plastic board it replaced.

Hi Sam, thanks for taking time to share a review. I am glad it arrived safely. We recommend wiping the drain board after the dishes dry to remove any water and to keep the water from leaving mineral deposits on the surface. Thanks again.

Go Big!

I purchased the 8 qt. Immergood ice cream maker and have been very pleased with it.
I evaluated several other options but this one was by far the best constructed unit available.
When deciding which model to purchase I realized you can always make a smaller batch in the 8qt machine but you can't make a larger batch in the smaller ones.
So far we have made several ice creams as well as sherbet and an Italian Ice.
If you want to go beyond plain vanilla I recommend THE ICE CREAM BOOK by Louis P. De Gouy originally published in 1938 this is the definitive book on ice-cream made by hand.

Hi James, thanks so much for taking a few minutes out of your day to write an accurate review. We enjoy hearing from our customers. I like you book suggestion. I will have to get the book to inspire new ideas!

Super lightweight, sturdy and intelligently designed tractor!

I have two of these and have put 130 broilers in each this first year. This is the best tractor!!! I intend to install doors on both ends for next year so my birds can free-range...but for this year they worked fantastic. I'm 5'8" and female and have no problem moving these tractors 1-2 x a day. We have sloped terrain with little bumps here and sometimes I'm going uphill! And I go the length of the property (22 acres) and then turn the thing around and go back!! You just do small turns each day and you can do a complete 180 without stressing the birds.... no problem. I'm a huge fan and highly recommend them. The water tank, the heavy-duty tarp, the Plasson waterers, the tray feeders...this is just the smartest set up!! I can jump in and out of these tractors quite easily, too, so I can check on my birds and clean the waterers, etc. Amazing design!!

We appreciate your feedback Sarah. Superior has spent a lot of time with testing in real-life, live bird setups. We are glad to hear the testing and agonizing over details has led to a great experience for you. Even though you are not next door, it is great hearing from you. Thanks again.


I'm really happy with these feeders!! I also use a Kuhl feeder to keep chores minimal but I love these feeders. Very easy for the chickens and geese to use and easy to change the heights as they grow. Very happy with the simple and effective design. There's a reason they're called Superior Poultry products! You can believe the hype!

Hi Sarah, thanks for the note. Superior Poultry works hard at building products for the birds, not just following other peoples examples.


Seriously, geese are RIDICULOUS!! Much like pigs, you give them a little bit of water...and they go nuts!! But they lay such amazing eggs and protect my hens from hawks and owls. I adore my funny geese. I keep 6-8 geese in each one of my 10x12 alumni-coops and they use these waterers successfully. Geese do not use all waterers successfully!! Every morning I use a hose on "jet" or "stream" spray and just spray out the cups because you know the geese have spent the evening mixing their perfect concoction of mud water!! But these waterers are wonderful and although they shouldn't be used in freezing temps... I highly recommend them the rest of the year!!! Such an elegant and simple design. You can even install them on the outside of the coop and put the cups through the wire on the inside of the tractors. Just a fantastic product. I'll attach a photo soon!!

Sound like you have a great idea of placing geese with the hens. Thanks for sharing how the waterers work for you. That is helpful to the folks design the products and other users as well. Thanks Sarah for helping the pastured poultry community!


I purchased these tractors for my small organic egg and meat farm. Wendell worked so hard to answer all my questions, get me exactly what I wanted to purchase, AND help me get the most affordable freight since I'm on the West Coast. I shopped around. There are other distributors of these coops and some copy-cats. But NO ONE will work as hard for you as Wendell and Home Place Market! I'm in Oregon and I've had so many people come over and ask me to look at these coops. They are getting a lot of attention!! But who cares about that... they work AMAZINGLY WELL! And they're made of super high quality components. My dad and grandfather had fastener companies. I appreciate things that are well-made. Also, I'm not very handy and can't be fixing things every day. I need infrastructure that works hard for me and I don't have to do a lot of maintenance. I want to enjoy the birds and not be worried about their homes! We have really intense predator pressure. These tractors, Premier 1 electric netting, and my wonderful dogs have meant that my beautiful birds are SAFE from predators. This peace of mind is priceless. I'm so grateful and happy to tell anyone who has questions about my experiences with these tractors and the unbeatable customer service at Home Place Market. As soon as I finalize my website, I'll include that for more photos! Thank you Wendell!!!

Hello Sarah, I want to say thanks to you as well for being a great customer. We get our fulfillment from being a blessing to our customers - near or far. Thanks for taking the time to share your thorough review. This is appreciated by us as well as the folks in shop that build the coops and try to pay attention to detail.
Shipping these large coops is no small task. Since it is something we specialize in, we learn over time what works best for safe arrival, best carriers, and best prices. Although these large coops do not ship in a cute UPS box, we feel they are worth building a pallet for and shipping across the country. I am glad were able to get you a very good price for your coops.
I am looking forward to seeing more of your farm on your website!

So far so good. Best we've ever had

We've worn out several hand crank ice cream churns. We decided to try this one based on the reviews. It makes great firmer ice cream than any we've every tried. THANKS!!!

Thanks for the review Bill. We enjoy hearing feedback from our customers.


Very high quality parts.

Hi Teddy, these parts are machined for the job and built to last long. Thanks for the review.

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