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Great canner

Great canner and extra shelf. More jars to can at once! Couldn't be happier. Welded not soldered, makes a difference if you're looking at a different brand.

Great to hear you are enjoying the canner. We try to sell products that align with our values of quality that lasts for generations. Since in the old days, we believed that wares should last for generations, not a year or two.
Thanks for the note!

Wonderful Product and Company

This waterbath is a wonderful piece of workmanship and the company fulfilled my order amazingly quickly. It’s refreshing to purchase a well-made product today. …can’t wait to use it. I highly recommend this product and company.

Hi Cindy,
I am glad to hear our efforts are met with appreciation. Thanks for sharing the note.

Worth the price

Short notes are great. Thanks much.


We've made 24 quarts of ice cream since we bought the 8 quart hand crank at the end of August for a few parties at the farm and youth group at our church. Everyone that had the ice cream loved it. We got engraving on the mixing unit and stainless steel lid. We got the got everything in 2 days! Blow away that it was delivered so fast with custom engraving. Thank you!!

Thanks for the feedback Matt. I am glad we were able to exceed your expectations. Enjoy making your homemade ice cream, and memories.

Best drainboard

I love this drainboard. The water drains out great. We have hard water and get some spots, but easily wiped off. The size is perfect also. Would recommend, you won't be disappointed/

Hello Darlene,
Thanks for sharing the notes. It is good to hear from others who still know the value of hand washing your dishes.


It took a lot of thought to buying this ice cream maker. Looked at the website for almost 2 months. Thoughts were, gotta have it, but man its expensive. Haven`t made ice cream in years why do I want this. First of all it is made in this country. Their isn`t another ice cream maker on the market that comes with all the stainless steel parts this one does. Finally I got concerned they would start to cheap out on quality parts just to make it marketable. We`ve all seen other manufactures do this. Like the saying goes things aren`t built the way they use to be. But this machine IS built the way they used to be. I do a lot of grilling so I thought why not make desert to. So we bought it and this machine is awesome. Got the electric motor with plug in. Very quiet. Ice cream was done in 20 minutes. No wrapping towels around bucket to keep it cold. The most important part is everybody loved the ice cream. Leftover ice cream was put in freezer. Days later it was still smooth and creamy. Very nice machine. Thank You Immergood.

Hello DP,
Thanks for the review. We really appreciate the time you took to write it. Immergood Ice Cream freezers where born out of the frustration of available ice cream freezers leaking and binding on their first use. We believe the Immergood freezers are built with the best parts available for years of use.
If your experience is anything less than amazing, let us know, and we will see what we can do about it.

DeWalt/Milwaukee Battery powered freezer

Soooo Quiet compared to any other electric freezer we’ve used over the many years. Construction is sturdy. Wish we had this 30 years ago! Simply love it.

Thanks for the note Woodrow, we appreciate the moments you took to share your review. I have heard a lot of compliments about the noise level of this freezer. I hope you get to enjoy the freezers for years to come.

Nice purchase

I purchased an Immergood 6qt ice cream maker with the Makita battery powered motor. It works great. Quiet operation and the engraved top looks excellent.

Hello Rog,
Thanks for letting me know how the ice cream freezer and engraving looks. We enjoy hearing back from our customers.

Works great on my old white mountain ( 20 years old ) 6 quart freezer. Have made ice cream almost every Sunday for the last 10 years. Even in the winter.

Hey Daniel,
Thanks for taking a moment to share a review. Enjoy making ice cream!

New freezer

I am going to use this for the first time over Labor Day. I was impressed with the quality of the different components, extremely well built.

Hello Arlyn,
Thanks for taking a minute to share your review. Have fun making your own ice cream flavors with real ingredients and no fillers.

Very Nice

I really like it, very quiet and does not use much battery.

Good Morning Russ,
Thanks for taking a minute to share your review. Enjoy making your ice cream wherever your adventure takes you.

I received a 16in pulley and hub waiting on a 12 quart Immergood freezer to build the rest of my wagon . I can’t wait to finish project.Bob

Hello Bob,
Thanks for the note. I look forward to hearing about your finished project.

Hickoryware Heaven

When I ordered this I knew it was an investment, it reminds me of the saying buy once, cry once. If you are serious about water bath canning you can't go wrong with this unit, it is built to last, it is a breeze to use and because of its capacity it cuts time down to get job done. I recommend this unit highly

Hello Connie,
I am glad to hear your canner is working like expected. We are glad to share products that are built in our community with the rest of the country. We hope you enjoy using simple home products to preserve your real food for the months to come.
We value the time you spent to share your review.


Grest company and grest lids

Hello PJ Nelson,
It was a pleasure working with you and helping you resolve your trouble with canning. Let us know if we can do anything more to help.

Immergood - Complete Dasher, Stainless Steel
Donald B Splaun Jr (Waynesboro, US)
A great replacement Dasher!

A great replacement dasher and it was in much better shape than the old one!

Hello Donald,
Thanks for the note. We are glad we could help.

Great quality

The price is insanely expensive!!!!! $643.00!!! That being said the last freezer I purchased was a 6 quart electric White Mountain in 1986 at the price of $99.
($2.75 per year) After 36 years it still runs great. But the improvements on this freezer are very nice - everything that can be is made of stainless steel, should add a few years to the freezer’s life. The motor is incredibly quiet. Neighbors did not even know we creating something wonderful on the back porch😀. Roughly $17.86 per year to own this beautiful freezer. But think how much the cost of a gallon of premium ice cream has increased - that is insanely expensive as well. I fully expect this machine will outlast 36 years and be one my children and grandchildren will continue to use at those summertime family gatherings!

Thanks for the time you took to share your review. This freezer is built with quality components that make for a long life appliance. Immergood products are built to last generations, not months. In doing this, Immergood passes up the option to get cheaply built products overseas and builds them right here in our local community shops. This does cost more, but we believe the investment will pay off.
If your experience is anything less than perfect, let us know. We will do our best to help.

Great service!

Fast and efficient service! Will order again.

Hello Judy,
Thanks for the note. We appreciate the time you take to share your review.

Great Ice Cream Maker

This ice cream maker seems well built, and durable. We just made our first batch with it today. Fantastic! I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in do it yourself ice cream. It only took us 20 minutes turning the handle before we had ice cream.

Hello Justin,
It sounds like you folks will be having some good ice cream coming your way! Thanks for coming back and sharing your review. We love hearing back from our customers.

Does a great job

We converted our Immergood hand crank unit to a motorized version and we couldn’t be more pleased

Hello Hu,
Glad to hear that it is working great for you. Thanks for sharing.

Will work well, slightly dissappointed

Bought this to replace my parent's old leaking wooden bucket because I have the fiberglass Immergood bucket which is great.
I failed to read that the model I own has been phased out and replaced with a poly (plastic) bucket. I was expecting the glossy fiberglass and was a bit dissappointed to see the matt plastic bucket when I opened the box.
I would appreciate it if the product photos would be updated to reflect the product that you are actually purchasing rather than an older model that is no longer being sold.
All that said, I'm sure this bucket will work as intended and is a durable, quality product.

Thanks for your review. I am sorry that you did not understand what you were getting.

We have upgraded the replacement tub to our Premium tub that is made of Rotational Molded poly. This tub will survive bumps and bruises better than the fiberglass buckets and is better suited for rough, long term use. We hope you are able to enjoy your freezer for years to come. Thanks for your time to share your review.

The best!

This has got to be the quietest motor on the market! We bought the ice cream maker with the hand crank for the grandkids to make memories. I’ve told them all “you got to turn to earn.” The motor was for us old folks and man does it do the job. The price may have been a little more than others. But it’s worth every penny and it USA made! I’m a firm believer that you get what you paid for.

Hello Ron,
Thanks for sharing your review on the ice cream freezer. The Immergood freezer are built to be a long life appliance. Rather than setting a cheap price, and cutting corners to build it for this price, Immergood builds for quality and then sets the price based on cost.
Enjoy making your ice cream, and tasty memories.

best water bath canner on the market but the drain valve is made in china

Hello Gary, Thanks for the review. We hope you will enjoy canning your real food, just the way you want it without all the preservatives that commercial canners put in.

Green motor for White Mountain - Addition for older Hand-crank unit

Works great and I am super happy to support a small business that provides exactly what they promise.

We have only had a chance to use it once on an older White Mountain 6-quart hand crank unit that was given to us by my wife's grandmother.
We bought this product because our kids didn't like to hand crank as much as needed to actually make ice cream. They can crank while it is still fun and then we can put the motor on to finish our homemade ice cream. So now, we get the ice cream without all the complaints.

It is great to keep those old memories alive and pass them on to the next generation.
Thanks for taking time to share.

Exactly what I was looking for!

Well made product. Installed in pole garage before concrete. Easy and simple to use. Should make things hassle free later on down the road. Easy to extend height as needed. I’ve already recommended to a few others.

Hi Derek,
Thanks for sharing your photo of the hydrant sleeve installed. Looks like you did a really good job.

Great seller, great shipper

I can't say enough on how good of a seller this store is, fast shipping, excellent customer service and good communication!

Thank you for the great experience!

Hello Kevin,
Thanks for the kind words. We strive to do our best to offer you great products with old fashioned customer service. Let us know if we can further assist you.

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