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Canning at Home, Water Bath Canners

Ready for Water Bath Canning?

Heavy Duty Water Bath Canners and Accessories.

The 15 qt. size fits well on an outdoor 2 burner burner/grill with direct flame. The canners weigh more than your lightweight coated steel canners of yesterday. Our canners are built with welded corners and inside fitting lids. With welded corners, you can be assured that the welds will not fail, even if the water gets low. We choose welded rather than soldered, since soldered canners melt with heat if the water gets too low.

Many folks order a second rack to allow them to double stack pint jars in one canner. If you are looking for capacity, try our 25 qt. canners. While they are large, it is the best portable canner you can find with this amount of capacity.

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