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Homemade, hand-crank, Ice Cream Maker Parts and Accessories

Are you an Ice Cream Maker Enthusiasts? We got parts and accessories to get your ice cream maker up and going. We can help with a Hit and Miss setup or a simple hand crank freezer. Do you need parts, let us look for them for you. We have parts for the White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer, Country Ice Cream Freezer, Immergood Ice Cream Freezer, and Lifetime Ice Cream Freezers.

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Stainless Steel Bands - Adjustable - Heavy Duty - Fits White Mountain, Country Freezers
  • Standard 6 quart freezers
  • Large 8 - 10 - 20 Quart Freezers
Immergood - Ice Cream Freezer Tool Battery Powered Motor (motor only)
Regular price$398.00
  • Makita 18v
  • Dewalt / Milwaukee 18v
Immergood - Tub Ear, Latch, for Immergood, White Mountain
  • Tub Latch/Ear/Bolt Set
  • Tub Latch
  • Tub Ear
  • Flat Head Bolt

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